Week 9 Summary

This week was kind of difficult at first just because I felt like my creativity was lacking and I needed it a lot this week!! When I first tried to do the x-ray goggles assignment, I accidentally deleted the favorites tool bar  I needed to get the x-ray goggles and couldn’t figure out how to get it back up! So I got a little annoyed with that but  I figured it out! The x-ray goggles assignment was really fun. That skill of changing a website page is definitely something I will take with me after this class ends. I liked that we picked the daily creates that we thought were the best because I know for me, sometimes I really take my time and make a good one and it feels good to recognize others for their art work. There weren’t that many web assignments to choose from as other assignments but I did end up finding some ones that I liked and they were fun too. I liked how we had to do the daily creates and that it didn’t stop there, we had to create a story with it. Definitely a lot of thinking going on this week!








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