Week 6 Summary

I really enjoyed this week, it has been one of my favorites by far. I think I like design so much because it allows you to be so creative. You can take your own pictures and use them, you can take pictures from the internet and use them, and you can combine the two! I felt like it was a lot easier for me to be creative this week. I enjoyed that we had the option to watch the two episodes of the series of Netflix, sometimes reading articles can be pretty dull but for me I love watching videos so that was really cool. The Design Assignments are probably my most favorite because there are so many kinds to pick from. At first, I thought it would be hard trying to incorporate my secret agent I created into two of my design assignments, but it was actually surprisingly easy. This week was definitely a walk in the park compared to the audio week we had last week! And trust me, I needed the break and the fun.













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