Week 2 Summary

This week was a really fun week, and I was so excited to dive into more assignments. This week was definitely a lot easier than last, as I was able to navigate my blog much better and also I embedded like a pro! The most difficult thing for me this week was Twitter. I am new to Twitter and not sure how it worked but now since it is the end of the week and I have done Daily Creates and other people have started following me and tweeting at me, I have sort of gotten the hang of it. Doing the Daily Creates will definitely get my Twitter knowledge up! Speaking of Daily Creates, they are so much fun!!!!  I really look forward to checking my Twitter in the morning and seeing what’s on deck for that day. I love it because there aren’t necessarily instructions so anyone can be creative and take it how they want and everyone creates something totally different, it is really cool. I liked using the assignment bank also. There are a variety of different kinds of assignments so there’s really no way you can’t find one you like! I chose to do a web assignment, which was to create your dream vacation using a Pinterest board, a mashup assignment, which was mashing friends and emojis, and a visual assignment, which was creating a camp poster. I enjoyed those a lot. At first when I looked at the mission for this week and saw we had to create an assignment I freaked out because I thought it would be crazy difficult and that it was going to stress me out! Well after I explored the assignment bank more, I realized it wasn’t going to be so bad at all and I decided to make a “create your own cipher” as my design assignment. At first this week was crazy and I thought it would be really super hard, but it turned out to be alright in the end! I’m looking forward to the rest of the semester because using my blog has become second nature and I now know how to work the assignment bank and Twitter pretty well so everything is coming together nicely!

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