Week 1 Summary

What a great week it has been getting back to school and getting back into the groove of everything! I love all my classes, ESPECIALLY #ds106! I have never really been a tech-y person and haven’t used computers in the way I am using them now for this course. I was VERY frustrated at some points. First, I couldn’t even find how to make a post! It took me so long to figure it out and I was so happy and overjoyed when I found out how to do it because obviously making blog posts is the basis for this course. Second, the embedding of media was not going well. I looked at the tutorial of how to do it and I was about to give up because it was just not working. But then magically I did some things different and it worked! Going through and making different social media accounts was pretty tedious but I am excited to get to explore and use them. Overall it was a good week and I am proud of myself for figuring things out. I love telling stories in person so I am very excited to see where this course takes me!

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