Shadow of a Doubt

This shadow shows a girl on her bike. And it tells a story. She loves to adventure, yet she is stuck at school with no car. So her mom got her a bike and she loves it so much. People think she is weird because she spends a lot of time by herself riding her bike and going on adventures rather than hanging out with people. She has the freedom to go to the store when she needs or wants to, and find new places as well. On warm days before her softball practice, she will ride her bike to the park and play wall ball. She loves riding by all the historic houses in Fredericksburg and picking out which ones she’d like to have some day. She has discovered beautiful nature trails, and serene places to just sit. Riding her bike is her getaway, it’s her breath of fresh air when everything else might seem to be suffocating. It symbolizes freedom. And that girl is me. 

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