Love at First Shot

This is Matt and Nicole and here is their story. It all begins one night when Nicole’s best friend asked her to go to a hockey game. Her friend’s boyfriend was going and he was bringing his friend also who was a guy. So kinda like a double date but it wasn’t really a date since they didn’t know each other. Nicole had just gotten out of a really bad relationship and wasn’t looking for anything at all. Matt was indifferent; he wasn’t necessarily looking for something but didn’t mind if anything came to be. They met and immediately they both felt a click. Nicole didn’t want to feel it but she couldn’t deny there was something there, even upon the first meeting. Matt didn’t know what to expect when he first met Nicole, but when he laid eyes on her he was enamored. He just couldn’t stop looking at her the whole time. They exchanged numbers and talked for a few days before Matt asked her to go out on a date. He took her out to dinner and it was wonderful for both of them. Their first date was at IHOP and they stayed there for a whopping 4 hours just talking and getting to know each other. That’s just what happens when you click. Matt took her out on dates a few times every week and finally, he asked her to be his girlfriend. Nicole went out to his car and there was a HUGE stuffed animal in the front seat with a sign that said “will you be my girlfriend?” She of course said yes. They were a great couple. Finally, 3 years later, he proposed and they are living happily together with 1 cat waiting to get married in May. 

Both of their smiles in this picture show that they are obviously in love. Matt is not a guy who smiles all the time, but he smiles for Nicole. He is holding her tight, like she is his whole world, and she is holding him firmly to show she trusts him and that he is her rock. The bright lighting around them enhances the romantic emotion in the picture. As soon as I saw this picture I knew it was a great picture to use because of the photography itself as well as the body language of both individuals. 

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