Juicy Facebook conversation…about hair

For this assignment, I struggled at first to find a conversation on me or my mom’s Facebook that was a long enough conversation to be recorded. Then, I went to my sister’s Facebook because I know she has some pretty funny things up on her page a lot of times so I figured it was perfect to find something. Then, I found a conversation about curling hair with a straightener and how my sister just could not do it and I thought it was pretty funny. I added some voices and then used Soundcloud to record it and it worked pretty well!




1 thought on “Juicy Facebook conversation…about hair

  1. I really enjoyed the way you imitated the different commenters on your sisters post. Trying to give personality to all the different people involved. I remember people used to post all the time on Facebook about having problems with their hair in high school, I probably did it too. Great stuff! Your audio quality was also very nice.

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