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I always end up falling asleep when I watch a movie. Always. I started watching Spy Kids because it is part of our assignment this week (how awesome is that?!) and of course, ended up falling asleep not even a third of the way through. While I took this nap, I had quite a fantastic dream. I am a fan of the Chicago¬†Cubs and my favorite player is their first baseman, Anthony Rizzo. I totally have a crush on him, not gonna lie! Anyways, in my dream I was at a Cubs game with my older sister. I was sitting on the end seat and I looked over and on the other end seat across the aisle was Anthony Rizzo! I’m not actually sure why he wasn’t playing in the game. He got up because he dropped something and fell! It turns out he fell right onto me! I was just in awe. Then, my dream fast forwarded to the next week. I ended up bumping into Anthony Rizzo somewhere else (not quite sure where), but I told him that I saw him at the game and that I was the person he fell over on. He was just like “Oh cool!” and we had a conversation and then I woke up. Overall, a pretty great dream if I do say so myself.¬† #writingassignments

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