Design Blitz


This bottle of self tanner represents color and symbolism. I think the gradient color scheme symbolizes how when you use the product, you will get darker. I think these concepts work well and appeal to the audience it is made for, who are people who want to be tan.



The side of this bottle represents the concept of typography. The brand of Juicy Couture uses this print because it is a fancy print, so they want people to see it and think it is a fancy brand. I think sometimes brands use this and it turns out to be cheesy, but the typography of Juicy Couture products definitely backs their high-end reputation.



This bathroom sign represents minimalism, functionality, and it also sends a message. It is minimalistic because it is simple, with one plain picture and one word. It is functional because┬ápeople can pretty much universally tell that it is a man in the picture. And from that, it also conveys a message that this is a place where men belong, a men’s restroom. It is effective because it gets the point across and you don’t have to do much thinking to interpret it.



The design on this bottle represents balance and rhythm. It conveys a sense of balance because of how if you split the design in half, it is pretty much symmetric and balanced on both sides, excluding the words of course. It also depicts rhythm because of the way the triangle is in the back and how it is placed that way so that your eyes read it in that order from top to bottom. They place the brand at the top so it gets your attention. Then, you want to know what the product is so your eyes scan down and see the anchor and you see that it is birch beer. While your eyes were scanning, you see the green anchor so you can now associate a green anchor with that brand of birch beer. I think this is effective because it gives your vision a pattern to follow, and it is smooth and has rhythm to it.




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