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In 1900, the University Michigan had their first baseball team. Individually, they were all great players. However, they had trouble coming together at the beginning of the season. Eventually, they got themselves together and started winning a lot of games! They played so well that they went to the College World Series. They were so good they got to the last round. They were set to play Harvard and everyone knew that they were a great team and they didn’t know if they could compete against the smart, rich boys of Harvard. Well, since they doubted themselves, they played terribly and lost 50-3. It was a really bad game.

They did so bad in that game that they were not given a normal 2nd place ribbon, but they got this ribbon instead.

After they lost, this was the meme that was put in pretty much newspaper. The team was very hurt by this and they practiced so much the next year and won the College World Series!

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