Bucket List!!

Here is a collage of a few things on my bucket list.

1. See the northern lights – Although I hate the cold temperatures where they occur, I would love to see the northern lights. I love seeing sunsets because I love the colors in the sky created by them so this is kind of like seeing my night-time version of a sunset. The colors are like nothing you normally see in the sky and they just seem really awesome.

2. Visiting every Major League Baseball stadium – Being a softball player, it’s kind of natural that I love baseball and especially watching it. I spend my summers going to baseball games and I went and watched my high school play all the time and I plan on watching my college’s team quite often! I just recently started getting into Major League Baseball, I always thought it was boring before but now I know o was quite mistaken. I’ve only ever been to a minor league game so I am looking forward to going to all the stadiums someday.

3. Go to Pig Beach – This place is in Exuma, Bahamas. I love the warm weather, water, and of course, the pigs! Since I have a pig I am a huge pig fan (kind of obsessed really). The pigs here are so friendly and I just want to hug them all and take them all home with me! I can’t wait to go there someday.

4. Own a sailboat – I have always lived by water and grown up with boats and win on the water. My dad works in all the marinas in Charleston so I’m around boats all the time now. We take our boat out all the time and it is a motor-yacht, but I have been on a sailboat and I prefer them, and that’s why I’d love to own one!! 

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