Create Your Own Dream Room


These photos ebrace elements of what I want my dream room to be like! I like lighter colors like white, light pink, and gray because they are clean colors and I like the way those colors are in the sunlight. To add onto that, I would like wonderful, large windows to let light in. I want curtains on the windows. I would like a chandelier in my room because it adds ambiance and its a little something different than a normal light and fan. I like string lights also that ambiance. I would like a nice nightstand and dresser that are white and I would have lamps for some light and flowers because I think that is fresh and feminine. I love mirrors so I will probably have a full-sized mirror as well as one above my dresser. I won’t have a TV in my room because I’ve never had one and I don’t want to start bad habits of staying p late and watching TV!