Dear 16 Year Old Me…Spy Version

This video is what my spy, Margaret de la Tour wish she knew when she was 16! To make this video, I pieced together clips using iMovie. I used time lapse mostly for the whole thing. I incorporated various angles and such to make it more interesting than if I just had it one angle the whole time. I also used a voice over to read the letter. This was the first time I did a voice over and it was really cool and I liked the touch it gave the video.


Dorm Room Time Lapse


In this video, I took multiple time lapse videos from throughout the day (from when I wasn’t at class or practice!) and put them together! Notice how in the first clip, the street light turns off and in the last clip, the streetlight turns on. Also, something to note is the shadows throughout the day. This video also shows the unpredictability of Virginia weather as it is sunny, then it rained, and then it fluctuates between sunny and cloudy.