Radio Show Progress

Tuesday, March 14 – This was the first time we met together as a group. we had our basic ideas for what we are going to do with the show and just talked more about them in more detail. we didn’t do any recording today, but we determined who our characters were going to be and who would write each script.

Wednesday, March 15 – we met again and this time we did mainly recording. everyone wrote out their scripts and we took turns recording them. we had so much fun with it! my group has been really fun so far and everyone has participated a lot and has been very involved in the project. we have also had a lot of laughs! at the end of today, we pretty much had all the recording done.

Friday, March 17 – we have finished up the editing and recording today. the radio show is pretty much all pieced together, we just had to record one more portion of the show and a commercial. this has been a really fun experience and I’m sad it’s coming to an end!