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Love comes quickly, whatever you do

There were once two spies, a man and a woman. The man’s job was to track the woman and the woman’s job was to track the man. They were both the best spies in their countries, so naturally the enemy countries would want them gone. The man one day looked at the woman and realized he was starting to have feelings about her. He didn’t know if he could carry out his mission. The woman was cold and hard and wasn’t interested in love, she was interested in completing her missions. She had no idea how he felt. After years of following and searching for each other around the globe, they were finally at the same place at the same time. It was a beach on the coast of France. She was about to kill him, but saw him surrendering. Even with her hardened emotions, she could tell in his eyes something was wrong and suddenly she felt wrong with this mission. They both couldn’t do it. Something happened inside the woman spy that day and she found her soulmate. Love definitely came quickly for her, and she stuck with the feeling. They moved out of their opposing countries and moved to a new one. They never had kids and continued to be spies for the rest of their days. Their love was always strong and they both didn’t know what they would do without the other.

On a mission to decode “Spy Kids”

Out of the movies we were given to watch, I chose Spy Kids. I love that movie and I haven’t seen it in a very long time so I figured I should watch it. Plus, how cool is it that we get to watch an entertaining movie for a class?!?! Anyways, basically Spy Kids is a movie in which there is a family and the parents were previously spies before having 2 children. Many secret agents go missing from the OSS, the spy organization the parents belong to, so the parents go on one more mission to find them. They end up getting captured and the children go on an adventure to save them.

The movie definitely illustrates many of the different themes and common patterns displayed in other spy movies. A theme of many spy movies is the fact that there are crazy tasks they have to complete. First, in Spy Kids, the children have to save their parents after just learning they are spies. Not sure I could’ve done that at their age let alone now. Secondly, the parents have to face the daunting task of finding the secret agents and figuring out how to turn them back into human beings since they were turned in monsters called “fooglies.” Another commonality in spy movies are the awesome gadgets and gizmos! When the kids arrive at the safe house, they find a bunch of cool spy contraptions including jet packs, radar watches, and smart glasses. Their uncle also invents spy equipment. Another theme is that the spies are working undercover. The parents in the movie were undercover for many years, keeping their true selves from their children for around 10 years. Many times in spy films, something bad will happen to the spy if they get caught and don’t comply with the demands of the captor, something bad will happen. In Spy Kids, Minion and Floop demand the “third brain” to complete their army of spy kids. They threaten to turn the parents into fooglies if the parents don’t tell them where the third brain is.

I think what defines a secret agent or spy is bravery. The parents were brave to go on the mission to save their fellow secret agents and friends even though something could go wrong and they might never be able to see their children again. The children were brave because they were thrown into a complicated situation very fast, but adjusted well and showed fearlessness while going to save their parents. I don’t think you have to be “cool” or “suave” to be a spy. It’s truly on the inside that counts.

Dream it…Write it! WritingAssignments1860

I always end up falling asleep when I watch a movie. Always. I started watching Spy Kids because it is part of our assignment this week (how awesome is that?!) and of course, ended up falling asleep not even a third of the way through. While I took this nap, I had quite a fantastic dream. I am a fan of the Chicago Cubs and my favorite player is their first baseman, Anthony Rizzo. I totally have a crush on him, not gonna lie! Anyways, in my dream I was at a Cubs game with my older sister. I was sitting on the end seat and I looked over and on the other end seat across the aisle was Anthony Rizzo! I’m not actually sure why he wasn’t playing in the game. He got up because he dropped something and fell! It turns out he fell right onto me! I was just in awe. Then, my dream fast forwarded to the next week. I ended up bumping into Anthony Rizzo somewhere else (not quite sure where), but I told him that I saw him at the game and that I was the person he fell over on. He was just like “Oh cool!” and we had a conversation and then I woke up. Overall, a pretty great dream if I do say so myself.  #writingassignments

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Week 2 Summary

This week was a really fun week, and I was so excited to dive into more assignments. This week was definitely a lot easier than last, as I was able to navigate my blog much better and also I embedded like a pro! The most difficult thing for me this week was Twitter. I am new to Twitter and not sure how it worked but now since it is the end of the week and I have done Daily Creates and other people have started following me and tweeting at me, I have sort of gotten the hang of it. Doing the Daily Creates will definitely get my Twitter knowledge up! Speaking of Daily Creates, they are so much fun!!!!  I really look forward to checking my Twitter in the morning and seeing what’s on deck for that day. I love it because there aren’t necessarily instructions so anyone can be creative and take it how they want and everyone creates something totally different, it is really cool. I liked using the assignment bank also. There are a variety of different kinds of assignments so there’s really no way you can’t find one you like! I chose to do a web assignment, which was to create your dream vacation using a Pinterest board, a mashup assignment, which was mashing friends and emojis, and a visual assignment, which was creating a camp poster. I enjoyed those a lot. At first when I looked at the mission for this week and saw we had to create an assignment I freaked out because I thought it would be crazy difficult and that it was going to stress me out! Well after I explored the assignment bank more, I realized it wasn’t going to be so bad at all and I decided to make a “create your own cipher” as my design assignment. At first this week was crazy and I thought it would be really super hard, but it turned out to be alright in the end! I’m looking forward to the rest of the semester because using my blog has become second nature and I now know how to work the assignment bank and Twitter pretty well so everything is coming together nicely!

Create Your Dream Vacation on Pinterest! – WebAssignments1325


In this WebAssignments, I chose to create my dream vacation. I chose to do this because I absolutely love Pinterest. I logged into my already well-used Pinterest account and got to work. I figured since this was an actual thing I want to do someday, it was a good place to start! I would like to go to Europe, and more specifically France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Italy. Of course I want to visit the popular places like the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, however, I want to experience the places that not many people go. I want to experience local atmospheres rather than bustling tourist places. I searched in the search bar different things like “vacation to Europe” and “vacation to [insert country name].” Many things came up and basically I just pinned places that I would want to go, maps that offered a scenic route somewhere, and also tips for traveling in the different places. This was a really fun assignment and I am so glad that I saw it!

Create your own cipher!

This week I had to create a “design” assignment for the assignment bank. It had to go along with the “secret agent” theme so I looked up “words relating to spies.” I saw the word “cipher” and I knew that was perfect for what I needed to. I decided to create an assignment in which you can create your own cipher. You can post it to your blog and get people to comment and decipher a phrase you have put up. Follow the link to get started! http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/create-your-own-cipher/