Week 9 Summary

This week was kind of difficult at first just because I felt like my creativity was lacking and I needed it a lot this week!! When I first tried to do the x-ray goggles assignment, I accidentally deleted the favorites tool bar  I needed to get the x-ray goggles and couldn’t figure out how to get it back up! So I got a little annoyed with that but  I figured it out! The x-ray goggles assignment was really fun. That skill of changing a website page is definitely something I will take with me after this class ends. I liked that we picked the daily creates that we thought were the best because I know for me, sometimes I really take my time and make a good one and it feels good to recognize others for their art work. There weren’t that many web assignments to choose from as other assignments but I did end up finding some ones that I liked and they were fun too. I liked how we had to do the daily creates and that it didn’t stop there, we had to create a story with it. Definitely a lot of thinking going on this week!








The Best of Daily Creates

I chose this one because first, I think it’s funny and I fully agree with it and secondly, I liked the way they made it into a gif it was very creative. They could have just screen shotted it but they did more.

I like this one because not only is the photoshop job done well, it is funny and creative with the dog out the window also.

I like this one because they made it their own and it is something that is actually relevant and can be used.


X-Ray Goggles House Ad



This is my own take on a house for sale ad. This person needed to sell their house quickly, so I made sure to make the title something that displayed this. Also, I put some humor into it because I know that a lot of people like humor and respond well to it. Most people hype-up their houses to make them seem really great and aren’t that honest so I made sure to be humorously honest in this ad. This was a really cool assignment and it really made me think of something creative.

Daily Create Story

In 1900, the University Michigan had their first baseball team. Individually, they were all great players. However, they had trouble coming together at the beginning of the season. Eventually, they got themselves together and started winning a lot of games! They played so well that they went to the College World Series. They were so good they got to the last round. They were set to play Harvard and everyone knew that they were a great team and they didn’t know if they could compete against the smart, rich boys of Harvard. Well, since they doubted themselves, they played terribly and lost 50-3. It was a really bad game.

They did so bad in that game that they were not given a normal 2nd place ribbon, but they got this ribbon instead.

After they lost, this was the meme that was put in pretty much newspaper. The team was very hurt by this and they practiced so much the next year and won the College World Series!

Create Your Own Dream Room



These photos ebrace elements of what I want my dream room to be like! I like lighter colors like white, light pink, and gray because they are clean colors and I like the way those colors are in the sunlight. To add onto that, I would like wonderful, large windows to let light in. I want curtains on the windows. I would like a chandelier in my room because it adds ambiance and its a little something different than a normal light and fan. I like string lights also that ambiance. I would like a nice nightstand and dresser that are white and I would have lamps for some light and flowers because I think that is fresh and feminine. I love mirrors so I will probably have a full-sized mirror as well as one above my dresser. I won’t have a TV in my room because I’ve never had one and I don’t want to start bad habits of staying p late and watching TV!