Week 12 Summary

So. I have had a ridiculously crazy week. Finding time between practices and games and projects and life for DS106 was the struggle this week, I’m just being real. I enjoyed the mashup assignments though; I incorporated video into most of the ones I did because I really enjoyed that week and taking time to make something cool. I wasn’t really sure how to incorporate my spy into most of them, but I found a way with my “Making of a Spy Video.” Also, I use the iMovie app to make my videos and I found out I can upload my videos directly from the app to YouTube and it saves me SO MUCH TIME! I wish I found that out earlier! It was a struggle week for me but I got through it some how.








A Changing Character – The Making of a Spy


This was probably one of my harder pieces I put together. I knew I had to have something that related to my spy and so  I decided to tell the story of how she grew up doing normal things, went to college and graduated, and then met the individual that would turn her into a spy. Obviously since my spy is not real I had to take pictures from the internet but for this video just pretend they are all the same people! I used iMovie to make this.




Week 11 Summary

Ok so I’m gonna be real honest – I did not do my best work last week. But this week I had an opportunity to redeem myself, so I really took it. I’m not super into movie making so of course to someone who does it all the time my videos I made would seem so amateur but I am so proud of myself for them!! I really put forth my best effort this week into getting quality video, using different strategies, and making quality videos. I did enjoy this week and I felt so bad last week knowing that I didn’t put a lot of effort into my work. But this week I felt good and I am very happy with the results. I enjoyed this week, and last week for that matter, because it combines audio and a visual and I really like having a visual and having something to watch. My favorite piece from this week was my time lapse video because I had to constantly be doing it during the course of the day and it was really fun being engaged with it. I enjoyed going to downtown Fredericksburg to make a video too. I thought this was a very good and successful week. I also didn’t wait until the last minute to upload things so I was a lot less stressed out!!


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