I had a lot of fun with this activity. The instructions were to complete as many of the 7 activities as possible. I was able to complete 6 out of the 7 in 20 minutes! Looking for specific things to take pictures of definitely helped me get more creative and take better quality pictures than what I would normally do. Below are my findings! 
1. Start

I started my journey at around 10:45 this morning and headed to the residential streets in Fredericksburg! 

2. Something that looks better in black and white 

I chose the graveyard for the picture because I felt like the darkness in the black and white picture imitates the darkness of death, which is obviously associated with a graveyard. 

3. Make a photo of a scene looking out a window.

I took this picture looking out the window of my dorm room. I like the way the red roof pops in the background because it’s kind of dull outside and the flowers give the foreground some color. 

4. Take a photo of a light source.

I had so much trouble with this one! Since I completed this during the day, there were so many cool-looking lights, but none of them were actually on. When I saw this light I knew immediately it was perfect. I love all the shades of gold in this picture.

5. Make a photo of a noisemaker you hear. 

Leaves. Yes it is a picture of leaves underneath the category of noisemaker. I chose this picture because I was in a very quiet area so I stopped to see if I could hear anything, but all I could hear were the leave rustling! I knew it wasn’t the best “noisemaker,” but it’s all I could hear at the time.

6. Two contrasting things.

I did this picture because of the contrast of the dull, boring colors on the outside of the house compared to the bright, popping blue of the door. The blue just stood out so much that I knew it was perfect.

7. An interesting clothing design or texture. 

This is the fabric of the scarf I wore today. Since I was walking around Fredericksburg and only had 20 minutes, I didn’t have much time to search for other fabrics so I figured the print on my scarf would do! I like how I made the fabric up close and focused but you can still tell in the blurry background that that is my hand and watch and shirt. 

8. Finish! 

I finished around 20 minutes later and ended up back at my residence hall. 

This was a really fun activity and I’m glad I used different techniques of photography as well as using my own creativity to go on an adventure. 

Photography and Me

I think I have always been pretty fond of photography. I like taking pictures, as well as having pictures taken of me. I am not a professional photographer by any means, but I love to go out and do photo shoots with my friends. Mostly when taking pictures I just use my iPhone, but sometimes my mom will let me borrow her really nice Canon camera. I take pictures mostly of my pig, the sky when it is really pretty, funny or odd things I see, things that remind me of someone, and of course, the occasional selfie. I don’t really always have a specific approach to taking pictures but sometimes I do. When I take pictures of the sky, I know that tapping to focus on the light part will bring out the colors of the image. When I take pictures of people, I make sure the sun is not directly on their face and that the wind is blowing in the right direction. I am pretty good at making poses for people and finding good spots for people to take pictures. Honestly, when I take pictures I do not take them to create any meaning. Pretty much everything I take a picture of is straight forward and there isn’t much of a back story. I have been wanting a Polaroid camera for a while now and I got one for Christmas and I really enjoy using it. I love the feel the pictures have and how “vintage” they seem. I do edit pictures and toggle with the lighting and different aspects such as contrast, saturation, and exposure to make the picture the best color possible, but nothing too fancy.

After looking over the Becoming a Better Photographer page, it really has inspired me to take my time when taking pictures and focusing on things. It shows that photography is not only about looking through a lens, but being aware of your surroundings also to get the shot you want. I don’t really get creative when it comes to positioning, but after reading this, it definitely makes me want to try out new things.

In the Photography Narrative article, it has inspired me to think more deeply not only about other photos, but mine as well. I don’t normally take pictures that tell a story but now I really want to take pictures that actually mean something to other people. It shows how cool photography is, because everyone’s interpretation is different. I like how the article lists out things you need in a picture to tell a story, I find it very helpful and I can’t wait to use it.

Overall, I think these articles have inspired me to be more creative when I take pictures and to take a picture to tell a story rather than just taking a random picture.

Week 3 Summary

Wow this week was definitely a long one. The first thing I saw on the list was watch a movie and I saw Spy Kids and got so excited. I knew it was going to be a good week. I read the list and was thinking “oh this is gonna be a piece of cake!” Oh how I was wrong. All the writing assignments took much, much longer than I expected! It was a lot of work!! Fun work, but a lot. I did like the writing assignments because first, I like writing, and second, they were really entertaining and it was fun to create stories and just use your own creativity and apply it to your work. I didn’t think writing the character dossier was going to be fun but I ended up LOVING it. It really got the gears in my brain going! I liked that we only had to do 3 daily created this week because it was hard before sometimes struggling to do them every single day and getting worried if I missed a day. Overall this week was a lot of work, but I enjoyed it and had fun and I can’t wait to do more!

Writing assignment 926
Character dossier Bio
Writing assignment 2070
Spy Kids commentary
Writing assignment 753
Writing assignment 1860
Daily create 1853
Daily create 1851
Daily create 1849

Character Dossier – Special Agent GO 

Margaret Francis Delatour was born in the coastal French town of La Rochelle. Her father was a high-up international business man who also inherited quite a bit of money from his family and her mother was fairly well known wedding dress designer. She had no siblings and only a pet cat Ruby to keep her company. Margaret was always well off; she had the best of everything. She went to a very prestigious private school in town that you could only get into through connections. She went away to college to study business because after seeing her dad, she wanted to be a powerful business woman. Margaret was a very beautiful girl with many great talents and could get any guy she wanted. One day, she met a man at a bar. He wanted to talk in private with her. She was hesitant at first but he didn’t seem like a bad guy so she went. It turns out, he was from the EFSA, the European-French Spies Alliance. He thought she would be a perfect spy. Away from her home life, he offered her a glamorous life like you would see in the movies. She would be wining and dining throughout the world in the best restaurants, flying to multiple places in a day on a private jet she would get, and always going to glamorous parties and meeting the most influential of people. Since she was so used to always having the best, this kind of life intrigued her and really she didn’t even have to think about her answer. She was going to become a spy. She finished out her business degree while she underwent spy training. She quickly found that even though the lifestyle was glamorous, the job was not for the faint of heart. Her code name was Secret Agent GO, which stood for Golden October. She opened up a marina in her hometown of La Rochelle and it was a perfect spy base. She has been doing spy work since she got out of college up until now. She is constantly going on missions and she loves her life.

Spy Love Story – Fortune Cookie – WritingAssignments2070

Love comes quickly, whatever you do

There were once two spies, a man and a woman. The man’s job was to track the woman and the woman’s job was to track the man. They were both the best spies in their countries, so naturally the enemy countries would want them gone. The man one day looked at the woman and realized he was starting to have feelings about her. He didn’t know if he could carry out his mission. The woman was cold and hard and wasn’t interested in love, she was interested in completing her missions. She had no idea how he felt. After years of following and searching for each other around the globe, they were finally at the same place at the same time. It was a beach on the coast of France. She was about to kill him, but saw him surrendering. Even with her hardened emotions, she could tell in his eyes something was wrong and suddenly she felt wrong with this mission. They both couldn’t do it. Something happened inside the woman spy that day and she found her soulmate. Love definitely came quickly for her, and she stuck with the feeling. They moved out of their opposing countries and moved to a new one. They never had kids and continued to be spies for the rest of their days. Their love was always strong and they both didn’t know what they would do without the other.

On a mission to decode “Spy Kids”

Out of the movies we were given to watch, I chose Spy Kids. I love that movie and I haven’t seen it in a very long time so I figured I should watch it. Plus, how cool is it that we get to watch an entertaining movie for a class?!?! Anyways, basically Spy Kids is a movie in which there is a family and the parents were previously spies before having 2 children. Many secret agents go missing from the OSS, the spy organization the parents belong to, so the parents go on one more mission to find them. They end up getting captured and the children go on an adventure to save them.

The movie definitely illustrates many of the different themes and common patterns displayed in other spy movies. A theme of many spy movies is the fact that there are crazy tasks they have to complete. First, in Spy Kids, the children have to save their parents after just learning they are spies. Not sure I could’ve done that at their age let alone now. Secondly, the parents have to face the daunting task of finding the secret agents and figuring out how to turn them back into human beings since they were turned in monsters called “fooglies.” Another commonality in spy movies are the awesome gadgets and gizmos! When the kids arrive at the safe house, they find a bunch of cool spy contraptions including jet packs, radar watches, and smart glasses. Their uncle also invents spy equipment. Another theme is that the spies are working undercover. The parents in the movie were undercover for many years, keeping their true selves from their children for around 10 years. Many times in spy films, something bad will happen to the spy if they get caught and don’t comply with the demands of the captor, something bad will happen. In Spy Kids, Minion and Floop demand the “third brain” to complete their army of spy kids. They threaten to turn the parents into fooglies if the parents don’t tell them where the third brain is.

I think what defines a secret agent or spy is bravery. The parents were brave to go on the mission to save their fellow secret agents and friends even though something could go wrong and they might never be able to see their children again. The children were brave because they were thrown into a complicated situation very fast, but adjusted well and showed fearlessness while going to save their parents. I don’t think you have to be “cool” or “suave” to be a spy. It’s truly on the inside that counts.