Week 5 Summary

At first I thought this week was going to be really hard because I have never done anything with audio before, but after tinkering around, it turned out to be pretty fun. I was unsure because I don’t like hearing my own voice! I really liked listening to the radio show, it was really entertaining (even though it was during my bed time!!). But I really enjoyed learning about audio and putting things together. One of the assignments I did was to create a 2-minute audio story and I really liked that.














Radio Show Idea

I really love animals – I mean you kind of have to if you’re gonna raise a pig like I have! It would be really cool to have a radio show involving animals in some way, whether the characters are actually animals or the story is about animals. The sound effects would be really fun and I think it would just be a lot of fun to do.

My Softball Journey

Here is the story of my softball journey, complete with my highs and lows!

My Softball Journey

My Day in Sounds



This audio clip combines a pig oinking, walking up stairs, my car turning on, a pen writing, silverware clinking, a softball bat hitting balls, and snoring. I did a pig oinking because I have a pig and that’s the first thing I hear when I wake up. I used walking up stairs because I spend much of my time walking up stairs. I did my car dinging because when I’m not at school, that’s a normal part of my day. I did a pen writing because I go to class and take lots of notes every day.  I did silverware clinking because I hear that noise all the time in the dining hall. I did a softball bat hitting balls because I have softball practice every single day. And I did snoring because by the end of the day I’m wiped out!

Moon Graffiti

This radio program was really interesting and I liked how it was kind of a behind-the-scenes story from history, something not many people know about. It was definitely intriguing to listen to.

As for the audio aspect, they did a really great job with the sounds. In the beginning, they had the speech and then there was eerie music when switching between that and the narrator speaking. They used sound, such as the space vehicle crashing on the moon, to give you an idea of what was going on since you can’t see what is going on. You could tell when they were actually on the moon when instead of hearing the loud crackling of the radio and machines in the space shuttle, everything turned silent and the voices were muted. They also play eerie music in the background of the story and it creates a kind of unsettling mood. It’s that feeling of “space is infinite and I don’t know much about it and it creeps me out.”

The sound drives the story because since you can’t see it, you have to imagine it. The sound helps you to not only to understand the story but to feel it as well. It impacts mood and creates the atmosphere because if the background music wasn’t there, it wouldn’t create any emotion in the listener. Audio storytelling is cool because it isn’t like a regular story. So many times in movies, people take the sound effects and audio for granted because they can see the image. But without the sound effects in an audio story, the story would be really boring.