Week 6 Summary

I really enjoyed this week, it has been one of my favorites by far. I think I like design so much because it allows you to be so creative. You can take your own pictures and use them, you can take pictures from the internet and use them, and you can combine the two! I felt like it was a lot easier for me to be creative this week. I enjoyed that we had the option to watch the two episodes of the series of Netflix, sometimes reading articles can be pretty dull but for me I love watching videos so that was really cool. The Design Assignments are probably my most favorite because there are so many kinds to pick from. At first, I thought it would be hard trying to incorporate my secret agent I created into two of my design assignments, but it was actually surprisingly easy. This week was definitely a walk in the park compared to the audio week we had last week! And trust me, I needed the break and the fun.













Design Blitz


This bottle of self tanner represents color and symbolism. I think the gradient color scheme symbolizes how when you use the product, you will get darker. I think these concepts work well and appeal to the audience it is made for, who are people who want to be tan.



The side of this bottle represents the concept of typography. The brand of Juicy Couture uses this print because it is a fancy print, so they want people to see it and think it is a fancy brand. I think sometimes brands use this and it turns out to be cheesy, but the typography of Juicy Couture products definitely backs their high-end reputation.



This bathroom sign represents minimalism, functionality, and it also sends a message. It is minimalistic because it is simple, with one plain picture and one word. It is functional because people can pretty much universally tell that it is a man in the picture. And from that, it also conveys a message that this is a place where men belong, a men’s restroom. It is effective because it gets the point across and you don’t have to do much thinking to interpret it.



The design on this bottle represents balance and rhythm. It conveys a sense of balance because of how if you split the design in half, it is pretty much symmetric and balanced on both sides, excluding the words of course. It also depicts rhythm because of the way the triangle is in the back and how it is placed that way so that your eyes read it in that order from top to bottom. They place the brand at the top so it gets your attention. Then, you want to know what the product is so your eyes scan down and see the anchor and you see that it is birch beer. While your eyes were scanning, you see the green anchor so you can now associate a green anchor with that brand of birch beer. I think this is effective because it gives your vision a pattern to follow, and it is smooth and has rhythm to it.




Thoughts/Ideas (Abstract: The Art of Design)

For this assignment, I watched two episodes from the Netflix series “Abstract: The Art of Design.” At first I was kind of unsure of how interesting it would be just because that is not something I would pick out to watch on my own, but it turns out I really liked it. The two episodes I watched were Stage Design and Automotive Design.

For the stage design episode, I learned all about Es Devlin’s creative processes that lead her to creating a set. When she went to concerts when she was younger, she would notice how all the sets were set up in a “humpback rock set” as she would call it. Her vision was to not follow the mold, but create new things. The thing with set design also is that she can create and design something, but since she doesn’t physically make it, she doesn’t need to know how it works. She has come to peace with the fact that her sets and designs are pretty much never going to be preserved, but when one set is gone she knows another one is coming soon! I really liked that mindset she had.

For the automotive design episode, it was interesting to see Ralph Gilles’ approach to designing Chrysler cars. Chryslers, as Ralph mentions, is only the 3rd top brand in America. They are out there competing with much bigger companies such as Honda and BMW. However, he welcomes the challenge.

I saw a few similarities between the two episodes. First, I saw that the artists weren’t necessarily looking to be designers when they were younger. It seems as though you can work at design and probably get better at it, but it seems as though the best designers didn’t know that it was what they wanted to do.  This shows that really truly good design has to come from within. Also, I saw that the designers shape their designs not based on what they want, but they base it on how people and environments around them are changing. For example, in the automotive episode, Ralph goes through and talks about the history of cars and how Americans first had station wagons to tote around their families, then they switched to the minivan, then they switched to SUVs. He was working to create a new kind of vehicle that would appeal to millennial families. In the stage design episode, Es needed to adapt her designs for each particular music artist and their types of music. Her sets for Kanye were different from Adele’s whose were different from Beyoncé’s. Also another thing that was similar was that both artists looked at designs from the past to enhance their designs and kid of create their own unique styles of design.

Create your Favorite Book Cover!

As soon as I saw this assignment, I got so excited because I knew I would have a lot of fun with this assignment. My favorite book when I was a child was called “If You Give A Pig A Pancake.” I chose this book because I knew I could be creative and add my own personal touch to it. I used an app of my phone called “superimpose” where I layer photos to create an image. I first added the background that has the table with the window and I flipped the image. Then, I found a picture of pancakes and I cut around it so that I just got the plate and the pancakes. Then, I added the finishing touch, the star of the cover, Poppy the Pig! I uploaded his pigture (oops, I meant picture!) and used the cutting tool to cut around him as well. Then, I chose a font and added the words and viola! My very own version of “If You Give A Pig A Pancake.”

Create Your Own Business Card!

I included my secret agent, Margaret Delatour, into this assignment. She owns a marina, so I made a business card for her marina, Marina du Soleil. I went to a business card website and had to go through and find a background that I thought was good. I thought this background was perfect because it is water-related. I had to edit the card and put in my own words and I also had to move around the mermaid tail.