Mission 106

I love the secret agent theme! I feel like its exciting and mysterious and a perfect theme for the class. A few secret agent movies I love include Johnny English and Get Smart. Looking at the list of all the secret agents on Wikipedia shows me there are so many different kinds of secret agents and that I can take the theme and apply it any way that best fits me! I think with this theme we can have “secret missions” every week that might be an online scavenger hunt and we have to share our findings on our blogs. I think that would be pretty cool. #mission106thoughts

My Thoughts on ‘Show your work’

I really liked this article, I felt that his message was inspiring and it really gets me excited to take this course and show the world who I am through different types of art and blogging! I believe the most significant point he made was #6, teach what you know. I liked it and thought it was important because it inspires me to give my blog a purpose instead of just writing a bunch of things that no one really cares about. People will care if they are learning about things, and I want to teach people about me and my pig through this blog! #showyourwork