Week 14 Summary

It has been very crazy with finals and everything going on. I have finally finished my final project and I have to say, I’m pretty proud of it. I wouldn’t consider myself the most creative person in the world but I really thought about this one. The prompt was saying that the Canadians are up to something and basically you have to run with it from there, and I did! I decided that the Canadians were pairing up with the Russians to make a freeze ray so they can freeze the world and make the entire world have a climate similar to that of Canada and Russia. The media I used is audio, video, and photography. For the audio, I did 2 things. The first one is a radio show is playing and a spy from Russia and a spy from Canada use the radio to communicate with each other. They think that no one listens to that radio frequency that’s why they did it. Well, it turns out they were caught. The second audio thing I did was a news show on the whole event. I recorded it using soundcloud. For the video, I made a video of me pretending to save the world from the freeze ray. In he video, I had to find 3 items that were going to be used to make the freeze ray and I had to find them before the Russians and Canadians got them and shipped them back to their lab to be made into the freeze ray. I had to find a laser source (which was found inside a keychain pig), a power source (which was found in a rare crystal), and a freeze source (which was found in magical never melting ice cubes). I had to go on quite the adventure to make this video but it was really fun and I really enjoyed doing it. I made it using iMovie and I incorporated time lapse and regular video. For the photography, I took pictures of the items (laser source, power source, and freeze source) and I kind of blacked them out. I did this to make it mysterious and so that you don’t really know what it is but once you find that item you can match it up with the blacked out picture and see that it is the real deal and it is what you were looking for. I did this using and app, by changing the filter to make it black and white and using a dropper and tones tool to black it out. I have imbedded all the parts from my story in this post.




Week 13 Summary

I have brainstormed a little on what I want to do for my final project. I am going to use the prompt that has to do with the Canadians. I have written out a few scripts to use for my production. I plan on using audio, photography, and video. More to come next week!

Week 12 Summary

So. I have had a ridiculously crazy week. Finding time between practices and games and projects and life for DS106 was the struggle this week, I’m just being real. I enjoyed the mashup assignments though; I incorporated video into most of the ones I did because I really enjoyed that week and taking time to make something cool. I wasn’t really sure how to incorporate my spy into most of them, but I found a way with my “Making of a Spy Video.” Also, I use the iMovie app to make my videos and I found out I can upload my videos directly from the app to YouTube and it saves me SO MUCH TIME! I wish I found that out earlier! It was a struggle week for me but I got through it some how.








A Changing Character – The Making of a Spy


This was probably one of my harder pieces I put together. I knew I had to have something that related to my spy and so  I decided to tell the story of how she grew up doing normal things, went to college and graduated, and then met the individual that would turn her into a spy. Obviously since my spy is not real I had to take pictures from the internet but for this video just pretend they are all the same people! I used iMovie to make this.




Week 11 Summary

Ok so I’m gonna be real honest – I did not do my best work last week. But this week I had an opportunity to redeem myself, so I really took it. I’m not super into movie making so of course to someone who does it all the time my videos I made would seem so amateur but I am so proud of myself for them!! I really put forth my best effort this week into getting quality video, using different strategies, and making quality videos. I did enjoy this week and I felt so bad last week knowing that I didn’t put a lot of effort into my work. But this week I felt good and I am very happy with the results. I enjoyed this week, and last week for that matter, because it combines audio and a visual and I really like having a visual and having something to watch. My favorite piece from this week was my time lapse video because I had to constantly be doing it during the course of the day and it was really fun being engaged with it. I enjoyed going to downtown Fredericksburg to make a video too. I thought this was a very good and successful week. I also didn’t wait until the last minute to upload things so I was a lot less stressed out!!


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